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Sabrecats Pavarotti of GigantCat - TICA Cat of the Year 2016

Vi er stoppet med at opdrætte / we have stopped breeding

Welcome to SabreCats Maine Coons

Welcome to our homepage. TICAOnlineHP

We are a small cattery located in Roskilde, Zealand, Denmark. We have been showing Maine Coon Cats since 2003 and started our breeding in 2005. Our cattery name is registered in TICA, CFA and FIFé. We show our cats only in TICA and as often as our work,study and family life allows us.

Being a small cattery means we have very few litters a year and if gives us time to socialize and give plenty of tender, love and care for each kitten we are raising in this cattery. But it also gives us that value that we have a good and harmonious group. For us it is essential to have a good contact with all our cats and kittens.

Our cats are our family members and runs freely in the entire apartment with access to a fenced balcony. Our kittens grow up as a part of our family and are also giving free access to the entire apartment a little by little as they age. They leave our home at 13-16 weeks. They go with twice well-kitten checks at our veterinarian who also gives them two vaccinations and makes sure that they are microchipped and dewormed too.

Our goal is to make healthy harmonic Maine Coon cats with that very lovely gentle temper they are so well known for. All our breeding cats are genetically tested free for MyBPC3 gene and are regularly scanned by a certified cardiologist free of HCM. So we are very selective with our breeding cats, as we try hard to only breed with healthy cats and with cats who have the right temper and meets the standard well.

Along with this dedication to pedigree Maine Coon Cats and their health, we do strongly believe that a proper quality food is essential for our cats and kittens life and health as well. We feed with a high quality kibble mix, giving them lots of canned food and raw meat. We believe that it benefits our cats and kittens that they are given a balanced diet.

We like to keep us updated with the last news in regard to having and breeding cats and therefore also visit lectures, workshops and seminars. In 2010 we also attended the Pawpeds G1 and G2course, and autumn 2016 we have attended the g3 course to complete the education at the PawAcademy. We recommend these courses to every cat owner and anyone who wants to get into breeding or is a breeder as these courses are with an international focus on breeding and have participants from all over the world.

We are members of TICA-USA, We hope you will enjoy your stay here. . If you have any questions, then don´t hesitate with taking contact to us.

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